Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Day Trip To Ma On Shan

I made a visit recently to Ma On Shan Promenade and enjoyed a quiet seaside stroll between the YMCA beach all the way to Kam Tai Court residential area.

The Ma On Shan promenade is around 3.4 kilometres in length. There are no major tourist attractions here and the area is frequented by locals and few expats living in the city area.

I would not call it a hidden gem but this seaside promenade can very rewarding for those seeking more space and less noise, yet not wanting to travel so far away from the city. The walkway is long and beautiful with nice views of the Tolo Harbour and the rural areas. Ma On Shan also features a few nice remote beaches allowing to be away for a few hours from the bustling city life.

I walked along the promenade in the late afternoon  with the mountain-backed bay on one side and a symphony of exercise on the other. I watched locals performed their own afternoon ritual, oblivious to the few tourist. Despite the grey skies, I was able to capture a couple of good images of the scenery there.

Should you wish to visit this place  it can be found directly from the Ma On Shan MTR Station, by going through directly the Ma On Shan Plaza shopping centre, exiting over the bridge and into the Ma On Shan Park, and walking through directly until you reach the promenade.

Here were some of the photos I took that day.

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