Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wishing Trees, Tin Hau Temple and Valley of Flowers at Lam Tsuen

Wishing Trees
In the past, people bought an orange tied to the wish-making paper. You made a wish and threw everything to the top of the tree. The higher it landed on the tree, the higher the probability your wish would come true.
If it did come true, you had to go back and pay respect to the spirit of the tree and thank it for doing you such a big favour. 
Nowadays, the locals will purchase some Chinese incense sticks and go over to a prayer booth where they can worship the Chinese Taoist gods spirits and make a wish. They will then burn it and tie it on the wooden rack next to the trees. 
Later, I walked and visited a nearby valley which had a variety of vegetables and flowers including the Cherry blossoms which were being cultivated and harvested for the coming Chinese New year.
Here were some of the pictures I took today.

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