Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Walk on Li Yuen, Pottinger Street and SoHo, Central

In a city of disparity, the pigments and potency of the Hong Kong street market continue to flourish even in Central, the financial district.

Li Yuen Street East and West, colloquially pegged "Ali - Ali " ( Alley - Alley ) among Filipinos, are in contrast to high-end upscale iconic Louis Vuitton Showroom, Armani, the Flagship store of Coach, Cartier to name a few.

These streets, also called "Lanes of Central" are an organised chaos of clothing and accessory items, many of which have an offbeat oriental piquancy. This cramped passageway is jam-packed with peddlers bartering cheaply made goods from ready-to-wear to factory outlets, tailored garments, leather and silk. Simply put, the universe of the Chinese Bazaar refuses to yield from the world's swankiest modern brands.

On the cobbled steep steps of Pottinger Street are market stalls selling witches hats, pink wigs, feather boas, masks and other party costume essentials. You could also find accessories such as ribbons, watch bands, hair ties and buttons. I just came to find out that the granite stone slabs were unevenly paved deliberately to facilitate ease of walking and allow rainwater to flow down from either side.

Imperceptibly different and a clammy stroll away are the streets of SoHo and Hollywood Road. Whenever I am in this area, it never fails to amaze me. It has an appealing mix of creative shops, Craft Stores, Antique shops, Art Galleries and hip restaurants serving international cuisine from Lebanese, Mexican, Italian and East West Fusion.  

Indeed, nestled among stunning skyscrapers and modern towers of steel in Central Hong Kong are market streets - busy all day long and into the night, in the heart of Central.

Here were some of the photos that I took then. 

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