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December 25, 2014 - Boxing Day at Stanley

It was a dank dewey day wherein the precipitation was a mash-up between mist and drizzle.
The rain did not fell to the ground in heavy droplets, but seemed to hover and linger in the air, which was crisp, but not sharply cold.

Although the light rain dribbled down and clung to my jacket in wet foggy mists, it did not interfere with me taking photographs of my surroundings. My light Uniqlo jacket with hood was enough protection for me and my camera.
I continued to meander unfazed by a little precipitation - I’m a Filipino who grew up in Manila…what’s a little rain, right?
Afterwards, I visited Belqis at Classifieds Stanley - she was part-timing there while on her semester break from University so it was a good opportunity to see her at the same time have a quick bite. 

They were quite busy then ( it being Boxing Day ) but thankfully they were able to seat me immediately. 
The atmosphere inside was immediately pleasing with reclaimed dark wood strips juxtaposed against milky-white exposed brickwork on walls, monochrome mosaic stone floor, and an open entry plan overlooking the central plaza and sea.  Plus, upon entering I smelled the heady aroma of cafe coffee. I had yet to "caffeinate" that morning so the scent was a most welcome one.  
I luxuriated over a meal of Eggs Benedict and three slow cups of piping hot English Breakfast Tea.  Belqis highly recommended I try this first. I agree it was a classic ideal way to continue an indulgent day. 
It was utterly delicious - hot buttered English Muffins with Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs topped with a heavenly drizzle of warm Hollandaise Sauce. I just love the subtle flavour that the white wine vinegar and salt add to the eggs.

Fully satiated, I was feeling more in the mood for a leisurely walk along the Stanley Main Street afterwards.
The rest of the day was refreshing and unexpectedly bright leading to a wonderful crisp Hong Kong winter dusk.
I have attached here some of the pictures I have taken. Enjoy!

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