Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Black and White Journey To Stanley

I was planning to surprise Belqis and visit her at Stanley who is part-timing at Classifieds.

But this time on my way there, I thought of taking photographs of people and places I would encounter as I embark on going there. I always see a lot of interesting things when travelling and on hindsight regret not taking snapshots of it. I perpetually see a glimpse of something beautiful, interesting or arousing and it just makes sense to capture it for eternity. I was pleasantly surprised of the images that reflected back to me.

Here are some of them.

I did my laundry first before going out. The forecast then was scattered rain showers so I hanged them inside my flat.
From Lohas, I exited my way to North Point Station. I waited for the hordes of commuters to disappear before taking this shot. There is always something eerie and sinister about empty underground stations that evokes a feeling of being a maze runner in an urban jungle.  

Two teenage boys discussing on the escalator across me.

My usual routine - to make a quick Stop at 7-11 before heading up to the main streets. many choices....I decided and went for a quick Pocari Drink.

Taking one final escalator on my way out. A glimpse of the stairway leading to Kings Road.

Lining up at Bus Stop Route 61 at North Point.

An old lady waiting for the same bus as I was.

Finally I was inside the bus. An Indonesian lady passenger was seated across me.

The bus made a detour on the streets of Causeway Bay

On my way to the Southern District of Hong Kong up to Repulse Bay. There was a story that the local pirates that controlled the bay then were subsequently "repulsed" by the British Fleet; hence the name.

The bus I was in stopped to take more passengers in. I took the occasion to make a quick snapshot of the beach across me.

Buildings and luxury apartments, dotted across mountains, were still visible even on a cold foggy day.

The bus's reflection on the street mirror as it took a steep curve to the left of the road.

Townhouses lining up the side of the road with a vista of the sea and mountains.
Belqis was very happy and surprised to see me.
They are always busy especially on weekends.

This is me contemplating on the menu. Belqis took a quick snap of me. I know, she's currently a Multi Media Student at PolyU so it's no surprise her timing and shot is good :-)

A view of the sea from the Murray House Veranda.

On my way to the Blake Pier which is a stone's throw further away from Murray House. The Iron-Steel roof and columns is in classic Edwardian-Style.

Barges, sampans and Chinese junks could easily dock here.

A bait to the fish.

A couple enjoying the view 

On my way to the Stanley's Waterfront Dining Strip.

The Boathouse Restaurant which is steeped in a stylish East Coast Flavour reminiscent of Martha's Vineyard.

Getting ready for Dinner time - table setting done.

Without any warning, it started to rain cats and dogs. Everyone bolted inside the cafes.

An old temple adjacent to Stanley Market

Window display of a Peking Opera Artist graphics on a bag at G.O.D. Store

A taxi drenched in rain

Taxis waiting for passengers at the Rotunda.

I went home with my daughter that day. She is looking across the pedestrian at Times Square Causeway Bay.

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