Monday, 16 March 2015

My Afternoon Weekend at Cheung Sha Beach, Lantau Island

After spending the full day at Tai O Village, I decided to pass by Cheung Sha beach in the late afternoon. I immediately took off my sneakers as I hit the beach. Bare-footed, I took a soothing stroll along the long stretch of almost silvery soft sand as the sun set in the distance. The area has a distinct village atmosphere that seems to make time slow down. 

This beach in Lantau Island is a perfect place for a romantic gesture or a family outing. It's pretty speckles and refreshing with quaint little restaurants nearby. I felt I was a character in the middle of a romantic quixotic film.

Swaths of powdery white sand separate green hills from the gorgeous blue waters. The sea also revealed an abundance of natural shells ripe for picking. From a distance, glistening rods and reels waited patiently for the coming battles.

As the sun set, a stunning formation of rocks gleamed like solid gold sculptures. Nearby, children were frolicking while a group of teenagers were luxuriously sitting on the beach, soaking in the nice weather and the last rays of the sun.

Here were some of the photos I took that day. Hope you will enjoy them.


  1. Lovely photos!

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