Sunday, 22 March 2015

Profusion of Colours - Hong Kong Flower Show 2015

As part of heralding the coming of Spring, this year's Hong Kong Flower Show has opened and is up for viewing at Victoria Park. Featuring "Oncidium" as its theme flowers, this yearly event attracted photographers, the elderly, painters, and of course avid gardeners.

On show were rich profusion of potted plants, beautiful floral arrangements as well as gorgeous landscape displays by Locals, Mainland and overseas participants. The gardens were brilliant, the open spaces fantastic and the attractions seemed endless. Plenty for the youngsters and for those inclined to just wandering around. The Nursery shops were  also brimming with enthusiastic buyers. 

I really enjoyed the flower sculptures, the gardens and the entertainment at the flower show. I spent my entire weekend there, and still want to see more. But you must have comfortable shoes, since you will be on your feet the entire day. There is so much to see - you do not want to skip anything. Take your camera and sufficient memory card.  

Overall a pleasant day-out with lots to see. If by chance you haven't seen it yet and you do not have a busy schedule, you still have the opportunity to see it as the show exhibition will run till March 29, 2015.

Here were some of the photos I took that day. Hope you will enjoy them.

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